George Hamilton

Spear 3 Photography is an Austin, Texas based Veteran owned business. established in 2019. It developed out of George's passion for travel and capturing the world in action.  His beginnings tinkering with just a GoPro and a second-hand Nikon blossomed quickly into an increasing need for finding ways to become better behind the lens.

Throughout the years, George has photographed his varied home locations in Colorado, Washington, Maryland, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Texas striving to capture the essence of the area.  He has travelled extensively in the Caribbean and Indonesia for his underwater art and is set on exploring ever more far flung destinations to find unique sea life.


Overland trips in Europe, Asia, and Africa are just the beginning as George seeks more one-of-a-kind interactions to capture while connecting with humanity, animals, and the world around him. 


The goal of Spear 3 is to find a way to bring the incredible tapestry of the world into people's lives and then use the proceeds from these efforts to assist in charitable causes that focus on Wildlife Conservation and assisting those in poverty around the world. As we work to make an impact, we hope you enjoy the stories and art!

Upcoming Projects/Travel - 2020

Storm Chasing with Jason Weingart 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Polar Bear Provincial Park

Ontario, Canada



South America


Raja Ampat



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